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Holli’s Happy, Healthy Dental Story

Published on October 6, 2014

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Healthy Teeth in Cats and Dogs Can Increase Life Expectancy

Four month old “Holli” was adopted by us in the fall of 2008 – a beautiful and socialized member of a litter of four kittens born in a woodpile in Winchester, VA.  Royal bloodlines for sure!

Unlike our Border Terriers, our cats have never let us brush their teeth.  Knowing the problems that dental disease causes in cats, I chose to use Royal Canin Feline Dental Diet for Holli’s dry food component.  I liked the ingredients, the technology, the studies’ results, and the “brushing” feature of the dry morsel.  This food has a lot of positives but…would it work for Holli?  I tried the diet with Holli and she loved it so much she would actually sit along with my other two dogs and wait for me to give morsels to her as treats!

Six years later, Holli has required no dental cleanings and has no dental disease (see pictures)! However her sister from the same litter (on a highly advertised brand) has had a tooth extracted and treatment for dental disease.

I highly recommend Royal Canin Dental Diet for your cat.  The right diet can prevent dental disease and extend life expectancy, at Pender we prefer prevention to treatment every time for ours and yours.

Happy Holli 2 topr

Happy Holli lounging

pets love Royal Canin Dental Diet

Holli sitting at attention for Royal Canin Dental Diet

Holli 6yrs old without a dental 1

Holli at 6 years showing off her tartar and plaque free teeth

Holli 6yrs old without a dental 2

Close-up of Holli’s 6 year old, white, plaque-free teeth

Holli's sister radiograph - non RC Dental Diet botl

Holli’s sister’s mouth x-ray showing a tooth that needed to be removed

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