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Pender Basic Obedience

Published on December 15, 2014

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All Dogs Need Pender Basic Training!

Who should take Pender Basic Obedience?  Let’s just say, if you have a dog then you and your dog should take this class.  Life is just too short to have a dog that doesn’t know how to behave!

Pender Basic is for puppies and dogs starting at the age of 5 months and up. This comprehensive class is for savvy dog owners and those new to dog ownership.  Topics include sit, down, stand, attention, handling, stays, touch, recalls, mouthing, biting, stealing, jumping, potty training, pulling, heeling, oral hygiene, grooming, feeding, barking, leadership, and much more. This class differs from Pender Puppy only by the age of the dogs attending and that there is no play time during class. Dogs work harder on impulse control in Basic.

Check out our Events Calendar for our next Pender Basic Obedience class held at Pender Veterinary Centre, next to Fair Oaks Mall.

To enroll in Pender Basic Obedience, email us at or call us at 703-591-3304.

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