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What to Expect During an Emergency Stay at Pender

Published on November 24, 2015

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It’s already pretty scary when a family member is sick, but having to leave them overnight at the hospital can be even scarier. Here are answers to some common questions about hospitalization at Pender.

Won’t my pet be better off at home with me?

When we recommend hospitalization for a pet, it is because we believe there are reasons your pet would benefit from the 24 hour intensive care our hospital environment can provide. These can include:

  • intravenous fluid therapy so that your pet stays well hydrated,
  • injectable medications that can be more potent or work more quickly than oral medications,
  • frequent meals so that your pet maintains appropriate nutrition,
  • and of course careful monitoring by veterinary staff for any changes.

While hospitalized, your pet receives the same high standard of care you would expect if you were in the hospital. In addition to medical care, your pet will also receive lots of compassion, encouragement, and reassurance from our staff.

How will I know if something happens while my pet is hospitalized?

There is at least one veterinarian and several well trained veterinary nurses watching your pet at all times. The veterinarian in charge of hospitalized patients will call you at least once daily with an update on your pet’s condition, so that together we can make a plan for further treatment if necessary. Additionally, we will always call you immediately with any significant change in status of your pet’s health. You are also welcome to call at any time for an update on how your pet is doing.

Can I come and visit?

Absolutely! We encourage families to visit their pets while they are in the hospital. Even though we work very hard to make your pet’s stay as comfortable as possible, all pets really enjoy seeing their family while they are staying in the hospital. Depending on how stable your pet is, you may be able to spend time with your pet in an exam room, or be asked to visit with your pet in the intensive care unit. Your pet will likely be receiving treatments by our staff throughout the day and we respect the time you dedicate to visiting your pet while they are in the hospital.  To help us plan our treatments appropriately so we can maximize your time with your pet, we encourage families to call and schedule their visit at least an hour before arrival. We are committed to supporting our patients on the road to recovery and to updating their families on their progress.  We understand that your pet’s health is very important to you as well, so we encourage our families to call us anytime at (703) 591-3304.

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