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Remembering Pets We Lost in 2015

Published on January 26, 2016

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Pender Pet Caring Foundation Hosts 7th Annual Remembrance Ceremony

Saturday, December 5th, the Pender Pet Caring Foundation held the 7th annual pet remembrance ceremony to celebrate the lives of beloved pets who we’ve lost this year.  Over 100 people gathered on the top floor of Pender Veterinary Centre to honor their lost pets.  The atmosphere was comforting and even festive, with light hors d’oeuvres and hot drinks.  Soft music played in the background as a slide show projected pictures of pets that had previously been submitted by their owners.  Reverend Kevin Havens from Centreville Methodist Church offered some inspiring words about how pets enrich our lives and led a prayer of thanks for the time we have with our pets.  Dr. Mark Johnson of Pender Veterinary Centre briefly spoke about the non-profit Pender Pet Caring Foundation and the work that the foundation sponsors.  Owners of pets who passed away during the year were invited to share stories about how their pets affected their lives.  One spoke of how her neighbors always asked about her white dove before they asked her how she was doing while another described how her dachshund saved her life by alerting her to a problem in her house that ended up being a carbon monoxide leak.  Several doctors and staff members from Pender Veterinary Centre were in attendance and were humbled by many pet owners’ gratitude for the support the PVC doctors and staff provided when it was time for their pet to go.  After the stories were shared, each pet owner was given an ornament that they could hang in the Pender Memorial Park or to bring home.  Pet owners who purchased engraved bricks either kept their brick to place at their home or instructed a Pender staff member where they would like the brick placed in the luminary-lined Pender Memorial Park brick walkway.  Pet owners were welcome to stay as long as they wished; taking as much time as they needed to remember and honor their lost loved one(s).

Remembrance Ceremony Slideshow 2015

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