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Until further notice, our Emergency Room will be open 24/7 on select days starting 5/1/2022.

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Saving Milly

Published on January 13, 2016

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A Heartwarming Story to Start 2016

In the very early morning hours on New Year’s Day, a black lab was hit on 1-66. The Virginia State Police were called in to help, and after being turned down by multiple animal hospitals they brought Milly in to us here at Pender. No one had any idea who her owners were; the only thing that was clear was that she needed immediate care.

The first step was to bring Milly back to a stable condition, which our overnight emergency doctor, Dr. Rychlicki, rushed to do. After she was stabilized, we were able to scan for a microchip in hopes to locate her family. Luckily, we found one! But upon looking up the number, we found that it had never have been registered to the owner and was still connected to the Prince William animal shelter from where she was adopted. There was still luck left for Milly however, as one of our part time employees, Sherry, who was working that morning was able to make a call to her best friend who was able to obtain the adoptive owner’s information and went straight to the owner’s home to let them know their baby had been found!

There have been many happy reunions and stories here at Pender, but this one was a tear jerker. Milly was in stable condition, but she still needed much more care. She would need more nights of hospitalization and also an MRI as she had fractured her skull during the accident. All of the treatment she would need was also incredibly expensive, and Milly’s family was not sure if they were able to handle the expense. Milly’s story touched so many that a huge outpouring of support from other animal lovers in the community flooded in to help. A Go Fund Me page was started to help with Milly’s treatment, and was able to raise $4,080 as of 1/8/16. Without this support she may have not been able to receive the treatment she needed, and it is a beautiful thing to see how much of a difference our community can make in a pet’s life. Milly was able to go home and recover with her family, and has many more years left thanks to the kind support of so many strangers, from the police who rescued her, the medical team at Pender who cared for her , and the many who donated to save her life.

This story is beautiful and also illustrates how important a microchip can be in saving a pet’s life. If Milly had not been microchipped it would have been much more difficult, even impossible, to locate her family. It is also important to register your microchip, and keep your information up to date, as it really could save your pet’s life and help reunite you both that much faster.

As a side note to this story, we had a very similar success story with Mischief, the Egyptian Mau’s touching reunion with her mom, only a few days prior to Milly’s accident. We were able to find Mischief’s owner’s after a kind stranger called our hospital regarding a “stray” cat she had found. She was able to find the microchip number, which we then found registered to one of our clients, and were able to reunite the owner with Mischief after he was missing for nearly three weeks. Without a microchip this would have been nearly impossible. We hope that stories like this will help everyone become more aware of ways they can protect their pets and ensure more happy reunion stories!

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