Important Pender Emergency Room Update 5/5/2022 

Until further notice, our Emergency Room will be open 24/7 on select days starting 5/1/2022.

Please remember to call us if you and your pet are in need of medical assistance. If our facility is at capacity, our evening and overnight team has access to the status of other local emergency rooms and can better serve you if you call first to discuss your pet’s needs.


Archive for June, 2016


The Bearded Dragon Files II: Care & Husbandry

Posted on June 27

In the second part of our two part series on Bearded Dragons we discuss the key to keeping them healthy - the proper care and husbandry.

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A Serious Sign: Seizures in Dogs

Posted on June 13

If you think your pet has had a seizure, don’t ignore it. Seizures are serious business, and could be caused by a severe underlying issue.

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The Bearded Dragon Files I: History

Posted on June 2

Bearded Dragons are among the most popular reptile species kept as pets today, for good reason - let us explain why in the first installment of our two part series on this amazing lizard.

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