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New! Dog Training in Chantilly!

Published on December 21, 2017

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Pender Pet Retreat Training Classes

Pender’s beloved dog trainer, Michelle Jackson, is expanding her dog training offerings at our Pet Retreat located at 4508 Upper Cub Run Dr. Chantilly, VA 20151!

Information on all classes is below; they fill up fast so please reserve soon.

To register call (703) 631-9590 and for more information feel free to contact Michelle directly at mjackson@pendervet.com or 703-591-3591.

Rally Obedience

Dog and handler teams will proceed around a course of designated stations with the dog in heel position. The course consists of 10 to 20 obedience signs that instruct the team what to do. This class is for any dogs of any age that already know the basics; sit, down, stand, and heel.

55-minute classes for 8 weeks for $175.00

Agility Introduction

Handlers learn to direct their dogs on or through agility obstacles.  This is an introductory course for dogs new to agility that have an obedience background.  Since this is an introductory level, there will be no age limit.  Ideally, dogs should be able to be worked off lead, or at least dependable dragging a leash. 

55-minute classes for 8 weeks for $175.00

Pender Puppy/Basic Obedience

This class is for dogs and puppies starting at 9 weeks of age and focuses of teaching dogs of all ages the basics of obedience. Topics include sit, down, stand, attention, mouthing, biting, stealing, potty training and much more. This class has something to offer for both savvy dog owners and those new to dog ownership.

55-minutes classes for 8 weeks for $175.00

Pender Intermediate Obedience

Puppies and dogs that have graduated from Basic Obedience will benefit from this class as the next level in their training. Training topics include hand signal exercises for sit, down and stand, heeling with attention, recalls in distracting situations, and more. Owners work on leadership skills and learn to improve any canine behavioral issues.

55-minutes classes for 8 weeks for $175.00

Visit our event calendar for full class information and how to register!


Pender dog agility with Michelle Jackson



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