Important Pender COVID-19 Update: 

We are restricting access to our lobby and adjusting our check-in and check-out procedures. If you have an appointment, please call ahead for specific details pertaining to your appointment, and fill out the drop off form at

We are only accepting Credit/Debt Cards, NO Cash or Checks Please!

Thank you for your patience. If you have any questions, concerns, or feel your pet needs to be seen, call us at 703-591-3304.

When you call the hospital, we appreciate your patience in holding as we are currently experiencing longer than normal wait times, 5-15 minutes. A member of our team will be with you as soon as possible. Please do not hang up; all calls are answered in the order they are received.


About Pender Vet Animal Hospital

Not Your Typical Animal Hospital

For more than 40 years, Pender Veterinary Centre has been a place where pet owners bring their beloved animal friends to receive care from an established team of passionate, experienced veterinarians. Today, Pender stands out amongst other animal care centers for its 24 hour, round-the-clock veterinary care, innovative and compassionate boarding and training, and for setting the highest standards for all veterinary teams through our philanthropic and development programs.

Our Services

Each month we see more than 8,000 dogs and cats here at Pender Veterinary Centre. Services range from routine wellness examinations to more complicated surgical procedures. We excel in fast and accurate diagnoses of your pets’ needs. Our ultrasound allows us immediate insight into what is going on inside your pet, and our on-site lab allows us to use the same technology as human medicine to run and validate blood tests in minutes—not days. That’s a life or death time difference for some of our patients. So from intensive care needs and specialized isolation wards, to simple dental cleanings, nail trims, and vaccinations, we’re here to make your dog, cat, or exotic pet as happy and healthy as we can.

Our History

“When we started Pender, we were just two years out of veterinary school, and we thought we could do it better. We thought that we could explain disease and what was going on with the animal much better than it was being explained in other practices. But we also planned on doing emergencies 24 hours a day. At that time there were no emergency hospitals in the area. You could try to find a veterinarian at night … and good luck! We decided that we would not refuse anyone, so our days ended up being very long. We were typically here 12–14 hours and it wasn’t unusual to come out twice a night to see emergencies. Now, we give assistance to animals 24 hours a day and there’s always a doctor in the hospital 365 days a year.”

—Dr. Don Powell

“My partner Don Powell and I met at a Northern Virginia Medical Association meeting. We hit it off very well; on his day off Don would ride with me and we would dream about things we wanted to do in the future. We knew we both wanted to be entrepreneurs … and we decided to form a partnership. So we searched for about a year and a half until we found a run down Methodist church that was built in 1902. We would do the painting and much of the carpentry. We would work until two o’clock in the morning in coveralls, take a phone call, take off the coveralls and put on a white coat to see an emergency. The first dog that Don saw in that hospital—the examining table was two sawhorses and a sheet of plywood.”

—Dr. Mark Johnson

Choosing a Veterinarian

You love your pet—they're part of your family. And just like every member of your family, you want to provide them with the best quality food and medical care available at fair and reasonable pricing. How do you balance and prioritize cost, convenience, and quality?

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