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I feel extremely blessed to have been hired at such a wonderful place to work

Professional Interests

Dermatology and Dental Care

Personal Interests

I love going to the beach and scuba diving.


Virginia-Maryland Regional School of Veterinary Medicine

How I Got Here

I graduated veterinary school in 1998 from the Virginia-Maryland Regional Collage of Veterinary Medicine, and have worked as a veterinarian in this area for all but the past 3 years. 3 years ago I moved to sunny Clearwater Florida for the pleasure of being near the ocean. I really liked Florida, and miss it more and more as the weather is getting colder, but in the end, I missed my family and friends here more than I loved the beach lifestyle. I feel extremely blessed to have been hired at such a wonderful place to work. Pender Veterinary Center is so rewarding because it is a premier pet care center; it has state of the art equipment, top doctors who I have come to know as being not only top quality, but also very compassionate, and has the impressive benefit of being a 24 hour care facility, all of which means excellent pet care for our clients – pets and people!

I became a veterinarian because I love pets. After becoming a veterinarian I have found that I also love the bond I see between the pets and their families. I love my job because I love talking to and bonding with pet parents about their pets, and it makes me happy to make sure that every pet has the best care and comfort I can provide. I take time to listen to all medical concerns. I do not rush through an examination, and will offer the best treatment options available for your pet. Two of the areas of medicine of particular interest to me are dermatology and dental health. I enjoy tackling dermatological problems because being itchy is so uncomfortable and it is so gratifying to see these conditions resolve. Similarly, I enjoy oral health because we all know the pain of dental ailments and the relief we feel when they are resolved. It is rewarding to be the one who can resolve the pain and even more rewarding to teach preventive care to keep dental problems from occurring.

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