Important Pender 2021 COVID-19 Update: 

Our Fairfax and Chantilly hospitals will be open for Curbside services and Hands-Free care for the foreseeable future. Our veterinarians are available for Telemedicine consultations  Monday- Friday 8am-6pm. We look forward to seeing you and your pet soon!


Pender Exotic Animal Doctors

Meet Your Exotics Team

At Pender, you can rest assured our experienced exotic animal veterinarians understand the complexities of your unique pet. Whether you have a guinea pig, a Macaw, or a boa constrictor, our doctors can help you care for it and assist in the event of a sickness or emergency.

Looking to find your new primary care veterinarian or to learn more about Pender veterinarians’ interests—including 24 hour emergency medicine, surgery, dental care, ultrasound, and more? Below is your team of veterinarians including their Pender Profiles, which include their veterinary focus areas, personal anecdotes and more.


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