Alert – Hill’s Pet Food recalls limited canned dog food skus due to elevated levels of vitamin D.  Pender’s current stock of Hill’s diets are not affected but Hill’s canned dog food buyers should click here to check lot numbers of any food stored at home.


Dogs Dig our Outdoor Retreat, Not Concrete!

Is it important to you that your dog be able to walk, play, and do his “business” outside on grass and not on concrete?  Then Pender Pet Retreat is the place for your dog!  Our Pet Retreat is situated on 6 fenced-in, wooded acres so your dog will be able to sniff, walk, play, and go to the bathroom in a natural environment.

Don’t forget that we also have a free dog park that is open to the public, feel free to drop by with your dog for a leash-free romp in the park.

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