Important Pender 2021 COVID-19 Update: 

Our Fairfax and Chantilly hospitals will be open for Curbside services and Hands-Free care for the foreseeable future. Our veterinarians are available for Telemedicine consultations  Monday- Friday 8am-6pm. We look forward to seeing you and your pet soon!


Just in Case. . .

Just like with people, sometimes pets need to be isolated from the rest of the population because they are sick with a contagious disease or they need to be quarantined before traveling to a foreign country.  While these situations are rare, it is important to the health of all pets to have a separate room just in case.  Our isolation suite at Pender Veterinary Centre is fully equipped for the health of your and all pets we see:

  • Dedicated room a safe distance from the rest of the pets.
  • Air-handling system separate from the rest of the hospital.
  • Antechamber for doctors and technicians to “gown and mask up.”
  • Wired with audio and video so our doctors and techs can observe pets 24/7.

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