Pender’s 24 Hour Vet & Emergency Animal Hospital offers all of these for Washington D.C. Metropolitan Area residents.

Current law and our standards prohibit us from practicing medicine over the phone without physically examining your pet but we can assist you in deciding if your pet is having an emergency and needs to be seen by an emergency veterinarian in your area.


Pricing and Add-Ons

At Pender Pet Retreat…

…it is our pleasure to offer a host of activities, enrichment, and pampering to keep your pet busy and happy all day long (as well as clean when it is time to go home!).

Stay and Play

Room TypePet SizeAM WalkHike,
Playschool or Cuddle
Treat!After Dinner WalkBedtime WalkTV & WebcamRate/Day Mon-ThursRate/Day Fri-Sun
Cat CondoAll sizes$30$33
Window Cat CondoAll sizes$35$39
Cat SuiteAll sizes$45$50
Canine CondoUp to 20 lbs.$48$53
Junior SuiteUp to 60 lbs.$54$59
Senior SuiteAll Sizes$63$69
Presidential SuiteAll Sizes$98$108
Presidential SuiteUp To 2 Dogs Greater than 40lbs.$146$161
Presidential SuiteUp To 3 Dogs Less than 40lbs.$189$208
Executive SuiteAll Sizes$105$115
Executive Suite2 Dogs Any Size$156$172
Executive Suite3 Dogs Any Size$202$222
Executive Suite4 Dogs Any Size$248$273

*25% discount per night for each additional pet in Cat Condos, Cat Suites, Canine Condos, Junior Suites, and Senior Suites!

Offleash and Individual Dog Daycare

Going to work or just heading out of the house for the day? Let your dog play!  Choose from either individual daycare or have your dog join the Pender Pack with offleash daycare at our state-of-the art facility.

DescriptionSingle Day5 Day Package10 Day Package30 Day Package Best Deal
Pender Pack Offleash DaycareIf your dog is a social butterfly who loves to play and romp with other happy and healthy hounds the Pender Pack is the place to be!  Dogs play and socialize in groups of similarly sized pups in our multi-season pavillion and sprawling grounds.  More information can be found here and if you are ready to join the pack just complete this form and we’ll get you started right away.  Join the Pender Pack today!$30.00$28.50/day$27.00/day$25.50/day
Individual Dog DaycareDoes your dog prefer his/her own space?  We have safe, comfortable suites for those dogs who prefer to stay to themselves for the day.  Your dog will get an AM walk, a hike or playschool outing, and a PM walk with one of our trained and loving care takers.$30.00$28.50/day$27.00/day$25.50/day


Any stay over 6 days gets a free bath or a spa package for $20!

Cat / DogDescriptionShort CoatMedium / Long Coat
Doggie SpaGive your dog a day at the Spa! We’ll clean your dog from head to tail, and everywhere in between. Our spa packages include a thorough bath, ear cleaning, pedicure with filing for a smooth finish, and a thorough brush out. And, what spa day would be complete without a new accessory? At the end of the Spa, your dog will get a stylish bandana.$60$70
Kitty SpaThe ultimate in cat cleanliness, the Pender Kitty Spa will purrfectly primp your cat to a level that only cats can appreciate. Your cat will receive a nail trim and ear cleaning followed by a thorough bath with a gentle blow-dry and brush out.$60$60


ItemRate / Item
Nature Hike$12.00
Outdoor Walk$8.00
Group Play – Half Day$20.00
Assorted Gourmet TreatsPrice Varies
Afternoon High Tea (cats)$2.00
Premium Meal Supplements$2.00 / ingredient / day
Medication$3.00 / administration
Private Obedience TrainingPlease inquire for price
ItemRate / Item
Clean CanineShort Coat = $40.00
Med-Long Coat = $45.00
Clean Kitty$40.00
Smooth Pedicure & Filing$23.00
Ear Cleaning$20.00
Eye Cleaning$5.00
Teeth Brushing$8.00
Clip/Comb mats$30 per half hour
Nail Polish$10.00
Furminator Brush Out$20.00
Kitty Brush Out$11.00

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