“All spays and neuters are equal, right?”

Well, as far as what is done in the surgical procedure to prevent reproduction, yes … they are all very close. On the other hand, the cleanliness of the surgery room and its sole use for surgery procedures, the quality of the anesthetic agent, the monitoring of the pet’s vitals during surgery, keeping them warm and comfortable during wakeup, and providing excellent pain control during and after surgery … these factors vary widely with different veterinary facilities.

Pender’s standards, of course, are at the top for each factor listed above. What really separates Pender is that we have a doctor and medical team who monitors, adjusts pain medications as needed, and makes each pet comfortable over night after surgery….part of our 24/7 × 365 day care standard given for all in-hospital patients. Pender is the only general practice in the Fairfax area that gives this 24/7 doctor oversight care!

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