Important Pender Update: 

As the status in Virginia de-escalates, we are happy to continue to incorporate in-person appointments at Pender Fairfax, Chantilly and Manassas. Pender Emergency will remain open from 7:00am-10:00pm until announced.


Pender Kitten Adoption Program


Kitten Adoption Program

Founded in 2000 in cooperation with the Fairfax County Animal Shelter, the Pender Cat Adoption Program was started at Pender in order to give kittens and young cats a second chance.  There are far too many felines without homes and we believe they all deserve a chance at a happy, healthy life. We find homes for over 100 kittens a year with families throughout the Northern Virginia area.

As the health and well-being of these cats is our first priority, the veterinarians at Pender provide full physical examinations for these cats and test them for feline leukemia before placing them into the Pender Cat Adoption Program. They also get plenty of play time with our staff as everyone loves to cuddle and give them attention!

Pets currently up for Adoption at Pender:

We currently do not have kittens up for adoption. Please keep checking back and we’ll have some soon.


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