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Rally Obedience 8pm

Posted on May 2 by Ruth Faulkner

Rally Obedience is for dogs that already have an understanding of the basics; sit, down, stand, stay, and heel. Dog and handler teams will proceed around a course of designated stations with the dog in heel position. The course consists of 10 to 20 obedience sings that instruct the team what to do. In Rally Obedience, Basic Obedience is practiced in fun combinations.

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Agility Introduction 8pm

Posted on March 1 by Ruth Faulkner

Agility Introduction is for dogs with an obedience background that are getting ready to work off lead. The sport of agility is a rigorous activity, check with your veterinarian before starting. Handlers learn to direct their dogs on or through agility obstacles, and how to run their dog through a small agility course.

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